Nancy Lee

VR Dance Film



Why VR + dance?

Virtual reality is an immersive environment that takes over your senses through vision and sound. When putting on a virtual reality headset, you are transported to another world where you can look around by moving your head, and the spacial sound design reinforces the illusion that you are inside the scene. This induces feelings of empathy as the immersion of senses is the ultimate way of experiencing embodiment from the character’s point of view. 
By using dance as the storytelling medium we want to increase these sensorial and empathetic stimuli. Through a movement activated space there will be more possibilities for the audience to explore and a direct body to body experience. 

VR dance film is a new and yet to be explored medium. What we feel VR can offer to dance presentation is placing the audience/viewer where it would not usually be possible for it to go. In a traditional stage presentation of dance, audience’s senses are involved in a very conventional, limited way that is visually flat. Dance films however, allow for a closer, visually more dynamic experience of movement, as well as possibilities of breaking continuity, time and space. However there is a divide between the viewer and the performers, the piece has happened in a different time and space from when it is watched. This instigates less physical empathy and immersion of senses comparing to watching live dance. There is also a selection, or framing that happens in the process of creating the film through choosing the angle, distance and editing choices. VR surpasses that limitation and brings back some of those choices to the audience through interactivity. It also opens the possibility of experiencing adventurous points of view, such as placing the viewer in a scene of aerial dance, dance on moving platforms or in remote locations or extreme conditions.


creative team

  • Director & Postproduction - Nancy Lee
  • Choreographer -  Emmalena Fredriksson
  • Dancers - Lexi Vajda, Zhara Shahab and Rianne Švelnis


  • January - PuSh Festival public presentation workshop
  • February - 360 Choreography Development workshop
  • June - New Media & Movement workshop